Barbitol Cheney: Loser

Barbitol Cheney: Loser

Barbital Cheney Loser is a mixed medium piece that started with images on the computer being manipulated, printed out on cut to size canvas sheets. Other items included are mostly found items, such as different AOL free CDs in which the CDs are switched out for mixed music compellations with original designed labels. The CDs are lined up to make a large “L” for Loser. Other images besides the three of Barbital Cheney Loser, are of the C4 plane that carried the dead from Iraq in which the photographer was fired for the picture, Meredith Hunter shortly before being killed by the Hells Angels at Altamont Music Festival in 1969. Two images from the Battle of Seattle (1999). Bobby Seal speaking. Picture of Harry Whittington after being shot by Barbital Cheney Loser near Corpus Christi in February 2006. Other found items are collected over the years, from beer labels, letters sent from the GOP, comic strips, a round disk “Computer on a Chip” token to give as a token of friendship at the 1977 Scout Jamboree (small Yellow disk), wristband from the 1989 Buffalo Chip music Festival in South Dakota, Old Faithful patch in plastic, a Bar business card from San Francisco, a concert ticket stub, a stack of stuck together photographs with Tom Barry on top, a photograph slide, an upside down Mt. Cook patch from New Zealand and a child’s pink plastic fork. The thirty-three (33) videos on YouTube show the process of creation from computer to finished 8’ x 4’ composition. Art work was displayed at K Space Contemporary, and the Islander Art Gallery. Sold. 

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