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  1. Raul Martinez Jr. (verified owner)

    This slim volume is brief enough to count as a chapbook. A bit of side research confirmed to me that these verses are inspired by a visit to a pair of monoliths, named Adam and Eve, [part of the Avebury Complex] which I’d not known exist in England. The poems also convey visions and ghosts, tied to the massive stones, of ancient worship of Earth as a goddess (curiously referred to here as “Mary”). The poems even acknowledge medieval attempts to erase that pagan history.

    A buckthorn treeline, tri-colored lichen, and the last luscious line in the poem “Eyestone” — the wording made the far-off terrain come alive to me. “Swallowhead Spring” incidentally had me recall the Texas legend of the Blue Nun — as this poem described what I deem the reverse scenario. “Wedding Dance” pictured, unabashedly, a sacrifice and its accompanying orgy. I couldn’t help but notice a meta prayer tucked in “West Kennet Long Barrow.”

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