¡Ya basta!

Where did the EZLN fall? 
Maybe respected life too much.
Could have gotten Las Casas to plead
against Sepúlveda again   bitter pill.
Cock Brothers and Monsanto shame
us to zip mouths with their chemical 
cash. We’re all digitally hooked. No
suckass end to the cops’ color war.
When you start believing the pigs
are your friends that’s worse than 
Pacific Garbage patch! Corrupt FIFA, 
        no different than Tom Brady’s
saggy balls. My kids are growing up and
will inherit Gaia, deathbed edition.
Oh, love is not the problem, add a pint of respect.
Sancho and Isabella came together without
regret. Expulsion! Gaza Strip style. When the
Phoenicians came down the gangway, yelling,
¡Ya basta! Better buy! Give ‘em Strike. “It’s free.”

from Pearl

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